Accounting for Sustainability

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Alsajad accounting for sustainability

Accounting for Sustainability

Alsajad accounting for sustainability
Alsajad environmental accounting

Environmental Accounting

There is a growing expectation from consumers of food and fibre that the product they are purchasing has been produced sustainably and ethically. This is driving a need for primary producers to demonstrate what many have been doing for a long time and that is they are practicing sustainable management of their natural resources. This is opening market premiums for primary producers whilst providing ‘peace of mind’ that they are not degrading their country.


Alsajad NRM can help primary producers have their sustainability status recognised through establishing accreditation through frameworks such as Accounting for Nature® in which Alsajad NRM have Expert Accreditation. This accreditation enables Alsajad NRM to develop both Environmental and Production Accounts. These accounts result in producers being able to benchmark the environmental and production condition of their properties and demonstrate over time, these are improving.



“Environmental markets will only grow providing opportunities for producers to add another income stream to their business. But it can be very daunting to producers due to its complexity, and this is where I can help in building the producers understanding of how the market works"



Andrew is also an accredited Carbon Advisor under the Queensland Rural Industry Development Authority’s Carbon Farming Advice Rebate Program. Andrew has helped producers better understand the opportunities and risks of participating in environmental offset market which includes carbon projects.

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