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Support for Organisations

Performance Analysis and Review

Not for profit organisations have the same governance responsibilities as "for profit" organisations do, if not more, as they are often dealing with public money.


A part of good governance is knowing how your organisation is performing. Is it delivering against its corporate strategy, is the organisational culture healthy, are stakeholders and partners well engaged? These are all important questions for organisations who are striving to maximise their effectiveness.


Alsajad NRM played a leading role in overseeing the development of a process to measure the organisational performance of organisations who operate in the natural resource management sector. The framework that was developed allowed these organisations to benchmark their performance against other organisations both within their sector and external to their sector. It also enabled benchmarking of the NRM sector against other industries.



Alsajad NRM is now a lead reviewer for organisational performance reviews using the "Performance Excellence Guide for Natural Resource Management Organisations"



This framework has been developed by drawing on other globally accepted performance measuring frameworks. The framework accesses approach, implementation and results for the following organisational components:


  • Leadership
  • Corporate Strategy and Planning
  • Client Focus and Community Engagement
  • Information and Knowledge
  • People Focus
  • Process Management
  • Business Results

Governance Development and Training

Alsajad Managing Director Andrew Drysdale has acquired over 30 years of practical experience in the establishment and continual operation of community and not for profit based organisations.


This experience has been gained through the leadership roles associated with being a Chair, Chief Executive Officer, Company Secretary and project manager for industry bodies, not for profit organisations and other community/advisory groups.


Alsajad NRM governance training events are delivered in a manner where people learn through sharing and exploration. It is designed to break down much of the fear that is built around "good governance" while at the same time highlighting the legal and moral responsibilities of Board, Executive and Committee members.

Locum Services

From time to time, senior executives of an organisation, like all other employees, are entitled to take extended periods of leave. When this happens, the organisation is often left feeling vulnerable. While this circumstance can provide a professional development opportunity for other employees, this can also place those employees under considerable pressure as they are left doing their substantive job plus the role of their acting position.


One option for an organisation in this situation is to co-op the services of Alsajad NRM to temporarily take on the role of the absent executive while they are on leave.


This solution often provides peace of mind for employees knowing that their organisation is in the hands of an experienced senior executive. It also provides the organisation with a set of fresh eyes for a period of time which can often result in new opportunities being discovered or longstanding problems being resolved.

Assistance with Funding Applications

Alsajad NRM can assist your organisation with grant and funding applications for projects of all sizes. The amount of information and the level of detail required will determine the cost associated for assisting you with your application. We will provide you with a quotation based on the amount of work required to prepare and submit your application.



Invoicing will be 20% on the signing of the contract for work to be carried out and 80% after submission of the grant application.



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