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Community Engagement


Community Engagement and Development

Regional and remote communities of Australia feel that they are the ‘forgotten people’ of this country. Less than 5% of Australians live in 82% of the land mass. Health, education, disability services and other government service programs are developed with the interest of the ‘other’ 95% of Australians who primarily live in cities. In many instances, these programs don’t work in remote and regional Australia or to the same extent they do in the cities.


Poor policy isn’t developed by intent but rather out of a lack of understanding. For regional and remote Australian communities to prosper, there needs to be government policy developed that recognises the different needs and environments which they are in. The communities are best placed to identify these needs and accordingly must be engaged in the policy development process.



Alsajad NRM recognises there is a "city country gulf" and was one of the reasons for Director, Andrew Drysdale, to be a driving force behind the establishment of the "Outback Alliance".



Andrew brings his understanding and experiences of the ‘city country gulf’ to processes associated with the development of more effective policies that work in regional and remote Australia. Andrew’s strength is facilitating the engagement of communities in the policy development process and communicating community needs to policy developers.

Facilitation Services

Many organisations often make community engagement a difficult or complicated process when it needn't be. Most communities will readily engage with governments or business if they believe that the issue is relevant to them. Increasing the level of community participation through facilitated processes requires the facilitator to be a good communicator, empathetic and knowledgeable on the issues being discussed. Andrew brings this personalised approach to his facilitation services.



Alsajad has access to an extensive network of subject matter experts which can be utilised when specialist knowledge or expertise is required as part of the engagement process



Alsajad Facilitation Services include:


  • Government Liaison

  • Negotiation

  • Meetings

  • Workshops

  • Coordination


Along with Andrew’s communication style and understanding of issues he uses a number of methods to create dynamics that are fun, creative, inspiring, challenging and rewarding. Most importantly, participants leave our sessions feeling energised, inspired and engaged!

Community Engagement

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