Program Development

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Program Development

Developing Your Program

Alsajad's program development and implementation expertise lies in the natural resource management sector. Alsajad NRM has accumulated this knowledge through leadership roles in the development and delivery of multi million dollar programs such as:


  • National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality

  • National Heritage Trust 2

  • Reef Rescue Program

  • National Action Plan 2

  • Natural Resources Investment Program



One of Alsajad's core strengths is building effective relationships between investors and implementors, a key component of successful program development and implementation. 



Aligning the needs of the investors and the desires of the program implementors is essential, particularly where the implementors are community groups or land managers.

Understanding investor needs encompasses having a clear understanding of the purpose for the investment and thus desired outcomes to be generated by the investment.


It also encompasses an understanding of the governance requirements of the investor which often translates into responsibilities that implementors must embrace beyond just delivering outcomes. This can create points of conflict, which need to be managed.

Funding Your Program

Writing project funding applications isn't easy, and no matter what you do, there is never any guarantee of success. However, in order to maximise your chance of receiving funding, your application or proposal should at least tick the following boxes:


  • How it will deliver on the needs of the investors

  • Explain why it is good value for money

  • Demonstrate your capacity to deliver an effective outcome

  • Demonstrate the creditability of you or your organisation

  • Adequately address any governance and compliance requirements



An essential element to attracting funding to organisations or individuals is to understand the needs and capacity of the applying organisation or individual. This is particularly important in demonstrating creditability.



Alsajad can assess the chances of your organisation attracting funding for a particular project and whether or not the project you are considering is within your capacity to deliver. We can also assist you with identifying sources of funding for your project or program.

Implementing Your Program

Alsajad NRM can help your organisation implement your project or program in a number of ways including:


  • Overseeing the development of project work plans

  • Managing the delivery of the project through staff or contractors

  • Overseeing stakeholder engagement where the funding recipients are relying on multiple providers

  • Manage the investor and client interface

  • Overseeing any reporting requirements

  • Producing final reports

Community Engagement

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Project Management


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