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Land Restoration Fund Workshop


In 2019, Alsajad was contracted to facilitate a pilot workshop for the Queensland Government’s ‘Land Restoration Fund’. Alsajad NRM designed and delivered the workshop and produced a workshop report.


The workshop evaluation revealed that 85% of participants came to the workshop with a low to medium level of knowledge of the Land Restoration Fund. By the end of the workshop, 73% of participants felt they had a high level of knowledge and 27% with a medium level of knowledge.


land restoration fund workshop


After the launch of the Land Restoration Fund in late 2019, Andrew lead the delivery of 14 workshops across Queensland in six weeks. These workshops attracted over 700 participants. The objective of the workshops were to introduce land managers to funding opportunities presented through the Land Restoration Fund. The workshops also provided an opportunity for participants to share challenges they identified as possibly blocking them from accessing the Land Restoration Fund.


land restoration fund workshop Alsajad


The evaluation report identified that the majority of participants identified themselves as coming to the workshop with a ‘low knowledge’ or ‘weren’t at all knowledgeable’ of the subject area. At the end of the workshop, no participant identified themselves as being in these two categories.  


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